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The new year is a great time to commit to maintaining a pristine and clean spa. With proper care, your spa can provide years of relaxation and joy. Emerald Pool & Patio is here to help, with a quick guide of our top tips to ensure your spa continues to be a tranquil retreat throughout your year. Here’s to achieving your relaxation goals! 

Troubleshooting Common Issues: In troubleshooting common spa issues, be vigilant for signs like cloudy water, foam, unpleasant odors, fluctuating water levels, unusual machinery sounds, and erratic heating. These may point to leaks, mechanical failures, or heating issues. Regular inspection and addressing concerns early will keep your spa inviting and enjoyable. For persistent or complex problems, our experts at Emerald Pool & Patio are ready to provide professional advice and solutions!

Understanding Water Chemistry: Keeping your water clean and balanced is vital for a safe and enjoyable spa experience. Regularly test and adjust the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. A well-balanced spa prevents corrosion, scaling, and bacteria growth. Our selection of chemicals and testing kits at Emerald Pool & Patio ensures you have everything you need for clear, balanced water.

Routine Cleaning: In the chilly January weather of Oregon, maintaining a clean and algae-free spa is essential. Prioritize cleaning the waterline, seats, and interior surfaces to avoid frost buildup and ensure a comfortable soak. Regularly check and clean filters to keep the system running smoothly amidst the cold. As spring approaches, prepare for more frequent use and upkeep to ensure your spa remains a pristine retreat. Looking for more information about how to keep your spa clean and in tip-top shape? Check out our guide, “Spring Cleaning: 6 Tips for a Health and Clean Spa or Pool”.


Seasonal Care: In January, the chill of Oregon winter is in full swing, making it crucial to ensure your spa is winterized and protected from freezing temperatures. This month, focus on maintaining a warm, welcoming retreat by regularly checking insulation, water levels, and heating systems. As the year progresses into warmer months, prepare for increased usage with more frequent water testing and adjustments to keep your spa perfect for every season.

Professional Support: Sometimes, you need a professional touch. Regular servicing, especially for complex issues, can extend the life of your spa. Our trained technicians at Emerald Pool & Patio can provide the professional care and advice you need.

As we journey through the year, remember that maintaining your spa not only extends the life of your spa but also enhances your relaxation experience. By staying vigilant with routine cleaning, understanding water chemistry, and addressing issues promptly, you ensure your spa remains a sanctuary of relaxation and enjoyment. Visit Emerald Pool & Patio for all your spa care needs, from chemicals and filters to professional advice and service. Here’s to a year of serene, trouble-free relaxation in your beautifully maintained spa!

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