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Sundance Spas - Looking to Unwind?

It’s a short commute to the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief: your own backyard, where a Sundance spa awaits. Just knowing that your spa comes from the world’s leading manufacturer of acrylic portable spas makes you feel good.

Choosing the Correct Spa

So how do you choose the right spa for you and your family? Browse through our selection of Sundance Spas: the dream spas of the 880 Series, the innovative 780 Series spas, and the fun-loving portable spas of the 680 Series. Every Sundance outdoor spa is designed to provide the best hydrotherapy a spa can deliver, with reliable performance and the newest features. And at Sundance, quality and value go together.

Looking for a spa specialist to guide you? See the Sundance spas and hot tubs selection in person at our stores. We can also send you a full-color brochure or DVD packed with ideas and information to answer your questions about choosing a Sundance hydrotherapy spa. No matter what size or shape you’re looking for, find the perfect fit for your backyard at Sundance.

Shop Our Products

Laced with the quintessence of design and style, the 980™ Series will change the way you connect and relax in your spa.
Stylish, cutting-edge, and feature-rich, each 880™ Series spa takes the concept of “having it all” to a new level.
For the ultimate in reliability and amazing performance, step into a 780™ Series spa and let the jets relax you.
Our 680™ Series features customer favorites like waterfalls and cup holders, all with renowned Sundance® quality.
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