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Our friendly service crew does a variety of repair, installation and other maintenance needs for your swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other related items. Whether it is indoor or outdoor equipment we sell, or items you have purchased elsewhere, we can service it. We also do water testing and analysis for your swimming pool or spa/hot tub

Time For a New Clear Ray Bulb

Sundance Spa and Jacuzzi Hot Tub owners agree, clear ray technology works. If you own a 2012 or newer model, your spa utilizes UV technology to sanitize the water. To keep your spa functioning properly, this bulb needs to be replaced annually. They are easy to install yourself or you can call our service department to schedule an appointment to have our certified technicians install it for you.

How To Replace Your Clear Ray Bulb

One of the greatest advantages of owning a Sundance Spa or Jacuzzi Hot Tub is the clear ray sanitation system. This technology not only helps keep you spa water clean and clear, it helps reduce the amount of chemicals you have to use over the life of the spa. Clear Ray sanitation is one of the more popular topics we get asked about all the time.

So, we decided to create a page dedicated to clear ray sanitation. We created a video on how to replace your clear ray bulb safely. Please note, before you do any work on your Sundance Spa or Jacuzzi Hot Tub, make sure the power is shut off at the breaker.

Here is a step by step video on how to replace your clear ray bulb in your Sundance spa. Steps may vary between spa models. Please verify your spa model and verify with the other instructions posted below the video:

Our Services

Above Ground Pools

Pool service on most in-ground & above ground pools. If custom in-ground pools are over your head, do not despair. Cool off in an above ground pool by Doughboy. Accessories include ladders, solar blankets, solar heaters, lights, skimmers, pool cleaners, covers, domes, winter covers, and much more.

Portable Spas & Jacuzzis

We provide service and repair on all major hot tub brands. Sundance Spas, Jacuzzi Hot tubs, Artesian spas, Tidal fit swim spas and many other brands. Call our service department at (541) 688-1090 (541) 688-1090 and schedule an appointment today.

Custom In-Ground Pools & Spas

Specializing in the highest quality commercial and private custom built pools and spas. A list of our satisfied clients includes Kah Nee Tah Warm Springs, Eugene Country Club, Oakway Fitness as well as many city pools, such as Echo Hollow, Sheldon and River Road Park. Emerald Swimming Pools of Oregon, Inc. has been a selective member of the Master Pool Guild for over 40 years.

Outdoor Furniture

Swivel and rock in your favorite patio furniture made by one of our fabulous name brand dealers. We have every thing to make your patio or deck a paradise. Stop by to the difference in our wide variety of high quality products. See and feel the difference in quality offered by Hanamint, Homecrest, Jensen Leisure, Alu-Mont, Treasure Garden and Lloyd Flanders. Whether it be an umbrella cover, new covers for your cushions or a complete cover to cover your table and chairs (all in one), we’ll make that extra effort just for you.

Fireplace & Gas Stove Installation

Emerald Pool & Patio can install your indoor fireplace or stove to keep you warm throughout the winter months.

* Installation of Fireplace is not installed by us. We do have friendly recommendations!

Chimney Cleaning

Part of our fireplace and stove maintenance. Please call to schedule an appointment.


Custom Glass Door & Screen Installation for Fireplaces

Customize your fireplace and make it safer by adding a glass or screen door to your fireplace. Contact us today to schedule your glass or screen door added to your fireplace.

Water Treatment Systems

We offer several quality chemical brands for both your Hot tub and Pool maintenance needs. We also offer a highly effective Chlorine and Bromine-free alternative water chemistry system to maintain water clarity and sanitation. Our chemical lab technicians are trained on site by the manufacturer to be able to answer all of your questions and concerns about any problems you may have concerning your pool or spa and have several years of experience working with pool and spa chemicals. We also have a selection GLB, Leisuretime, Natural Chemistry and Jack’s Magic brands. Come in for a water test today.

Parts & Service

Emerald Pool and Patio is home of the largest pool and spa parts and service department in Oregon. Bring your parts and problems to us or let our Service Technician come to you. Hard to find parts? Give us a call or send us a message to see if we have them in stock. You don’t have to live next door, either – we can ship directly to you. Our technicians service a wide area including all of Oregon. We’ll make the extra effort just for you!

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