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Gas Fireplace Inserts: An Elegant Upgrade with Emerald Pool & Patio

A cozy night around the fire is a dream for many, particularly on chilly winter nights. While traditional wood-burning fireplaces have their charm, they also bring challenges like ash, soot, and the constant need for firewood. Gas inserts use natural gas or propane as fuel, offering a clean and consistent flame without the hassles of wood. Emerging as a modern, efficient, and stylish alternative, gas inserts have quickly become a favored choice. For those in the Pacific Northwest, Emerald Pool & Patio stands as the premier source for this innovative solution.

Emerald Pool & Patio: Your Gas Fireplace Experts

Emerald Pool & Patio is the top choice for gas fireplace inserts for Oregon residents. Established in 1955, our legacy is built on community trust and service excellence. Why choose us?

  • Extensive Range: Our showroom features a wide selection of top-quality gas fireplace inserts. Whether you’re looking for a sleek contemporary design or a traditional look, there’s something for every taste and budget.
  • Expertise: Our staff is here to guide you whether you have questions about installation, maintenance, or the best model for your space.
  • Brands You Can Trust: At Emerald Pool & Patio, we pride ourselves on offering only the best. When it comes to top-tier gas hearth products, Mendota leads the pack with its performance and quality. Enviro is exceptional in its materials and engineering. IronStrike stands out for its efficient, lasting designs, while Pacific Energy captures attention with its innovative aesthetics. And finally, Regency Fireplaces shines brightly with its commitment to top-notch craftsmanship and design. With each brand, you’re promised an exceptional gas hearth experience.

While we pride ourselves on gas fireplace solutions, we’re also your one-stop shop for backyard and patio solutions. Transform your outdoor space into a personal oasis with pools, spas, BBQs, and more.

Why Gas Fireplace Inserts?

Gas fireplace inserts breathe new life into your old masonry fireplace. Here’s why they’re a homeowner favorite:

  1. Efficiency: Gas inserts are designed for top-notch efficiency. Say goodbye to heat escaping up the chimney. Enjoy a warm room, always.
  2. Convenience: No more chopping wood or cleaning up ashes! With a gas insert, just flip it on or off. Some even come with a remote – talk about easy-peasy!
  3. Clean & Safe: Gone are the days of messy ash cleanup with gas fireplace inserts. And bonus, you won’t have to worry about stray sparks or logs rolling out, which brings great peace of mind, especially for homes with children or pets running around.
  4. Aesthetics: It’s not just practical! Modern gas inserts are total show-stoppers. Gas inserts come with realistic logs, beautiful flames, and customizable faceplates.

Ready to enjoy the convenience and beauty of gas fireplace inserts? Contact us to discover the best options for your home.

What Happens When You Upgrade?

Cost Savings:

Switching to a gas fireplace insert is not just about adding warmth and style to your space; it’s also an investment that pays back over time. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces, while charming, can be more costly in the long run due to the price of firewood, maintenance, and potential heat loss. With a gas insert, you get a highly efficient heating source, meaning more of the warmth stays in your room, and less goes up the chimney. Over time, this efficiency can translate into noticeable savings on your heating bills. Plus, you’ll save on the time and cost of procuring and storing firewood.

Visual Appeal:

It’s one thing to talk about the beauty of modern gas inserts and another to see it firsthand:

This stunning contemporary design seamlessly integrates with modern decor. 

For those who lean towards the classics, this traditional design offers old-world charm with all the modern efficiencies.

Just imagine the transformative impact of these gas inserts on your living space’s ambiance. Intrigued? Contact us today to visit our showroom!

Environmental Impact:

For the eco-conscious homeowner, gas fireplace inserts are a step in the right direction. They burn cleaner, produce fewer emissions, and use less non-renewable fuel. This means you reduce your carbon footprint whenever you cozy up by the fire. Warm your home and care for the planet. That’s a win-win.

With all these benefits in mind, upgrading to a gas fireplace insert with Emerald Pool & Patio is friendly to your wallet, the earth, and enriching for the soul. If you’re eco-conscious and looking for the best heating option, talk to our team today.

Quick Read/FAQs

  1. “How does a gas insert differ from a traditional fireplace or a gas fireplace?”
  • Traditional fireplaces rely on open combustion and often lose a lot of heat up the chimney.
  • Gas inserts are specifically designed to retrofit existing masonry fireplaces, making them more efficient and easier to use.
  1. “Is installation complicated? How long does it take?”
  • While the exact time can vary based on your home’s specifics, most installations are straightforward and can be completed within a day.
  1. “Can I install a gas insert in any existing fireplace?”
  • Most traditional masonry and some prefab fireplaces can accommodate a gas insert. It’s essential to get a professional assessment to determine compatibility.
  1. “How often do gas inserts need maintenance, and what does maintenance involve?”
  • It’s recommended to have an annual check-up for your gas insert to ensure it’s operating safely and efficiently. Maintenance might involve cleaning the unit, checking the gas lines, and ensuring all components function correctly. At Emerald Pool & Patio, we can help you with your maintenance needs. Contact us today for more information!
  1. “Are gas fireplace inserts safe?”
  • Absolutely! They are designed with safety in mind, reducing risks like flying sparks or rolling logs. Plus, many have safety shut-offs in case of issues. It’s always crucial, however, to have regular check-ups and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  1. “Do gas inserts work during power outages?”
  • Many gas inserts can operate without electricity, although certain features like fans or electronic ignition might require power. It’s a great backup heat source during outages!
  1. “What type of fuel do gas inserts use?”
  • Gas inserts typically run on either natural gas or propane. The best choice can depend on your home’s existing setup and fuel availability in your area.
  1. “How long do gas inserts last?”
  • With proper care and maintenance, a gas fireplace insert can last over 20 years. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and warranties.


  1. “What if I have issues after installation?”
  • Emerald Pool & Patio is committed to post-sales service and honoring manufacturer warranties. If you have any concerns after installation or about your product’s warranty, contact our team, and we’ll ensure you’re taken care of.

Do you have more questions, or are you eager to start your upgrade journey? Reach out to Emerald Pool & Patio today!

Gas fireplace inserts are the perfect upgrade to your old masonry fireplace. You’ve got pros you can trust in Emerald Pool & Patio, and with us on your side, the transition will be smoother than a cup of hot cocoa on a winter’s night. As the temps start to dip, now is the perfect time to dive into the warm embrace of a gas fireplace. Swing by our showrooms in Bend or Eugene, Oregon, to browse our collection and find the perfect fit for your home.

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