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Are you wondering about the best time to buy a hot tub?

Many potential customers have made up their minds to add to their lives and melt away their stress by purchasing a Sundance® spa—but aren’t sure when to do it. Of course, you want to start improving your health and enjoying a more relaxing lifestyle right away, the good news is that any time is a great time to buy!

However, it might surprise you to learn that winter is the season in which many people start thinking about purchasing outdoor hot tubs. Picture yourself enjoying a welcome hydromassage as the steam rises from the water’s surface in the chilly winter air—that’s a scene that enters consumers’ minds when the temperature drops. We at Emerald Pool and Patio often offer incredible deals all year long along with financing available if needed for out beloved customers.

The benefits of hydrotherapy in your spa are especially noticeable in the winter months. Many people tend to be less active when it is cold outside—and spend more time in their cozy homes. With a Sundance® outdoor spa, you can get outside, stretch, relax, and warm those muscles up in the comfort in your spa’s soothing waters.

Early spring is also a popular time to start thinking about purchasing an outdoor hot tub, in order to have one installed and ready to use in time for summer. During the summer, you can use your hot tub at a lower temperature like your own mini pool without having to heat a large body of water. And, during fall, the crisp air and your spa are the perfect pairings for admiring the pretty changing leaves or gazing at the constellations.

Emerald Pool and Patio are experts on how to care for outdoor hot tubs in any season and can tell you about special financing and other offers. Now is the time to pay a visit!

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