Custom Pools & Spas In Eugene and Bend, Oregon


Let Operation SunriseLAW Speak For Us!

"I live in Eugene, my elderly parents live in Cottage Grove. They asked me to help them find a new woodburning insert. We are fortunate to have several excellent places to purchase a woodstove in our area. This explains why we selected Emerald Pool and Patio (EP&P) and why we are so happy we did. The previous 'insert' lasted over 25 years of heavy use. It had a cooking ledge on it. Online research revealed that the cooking ledge pretty much disappeared due to changes in EPA regulations. EP&P uniquely carries the ""Ironstrike"" brand, the only large insert that still has a fully-functional cooking ledge. While we were at the store, we were impressed with the selection of high-quality freestanding stoves as well as 'inserts'. A high-quality woodstove is made with thicker metal. It will last longer and perform better than a low-cost unit found at a 'chain' store. Opinion based on years of experience: you will immediately notice the quality difference simply by opening and closing the door on the various showroom models. Spending more for a really good woodstove becomes a total ""no-brainer"", especially considering that it costs the same to install a cheaply-made stove as it does to install a really nice one. This is where it gets AMAZING. After we had the stove installed, my parents told me of excess smoke entering the room when they lit it up. It was so bad we thought there was a problem and after a couple of failed attempts, decided to call EP&P. They treated the situation with upmost urgency and had TWO people meet me in Cottage Grove the same day I called to resolve the problem. ""Jeremy"" was the salesperson and ""Steve"" is a technician at EP&P... a real Fire Master. It turned out that we were not starting the fire correctly. Woodstoves have changed a lot due to EPA regulations and the owner's manual is not much help. Steve showed us the correct way to use the new stove... which is different (more finicky to start the fire but MUCH easier to operate once it gets going) than the previous stove. Now, we absolutely love our new Ironstrike woodstove from Emerald Pool and Patio and are extremely thankful they came right out... all the way from west Eugene to Cottage Grove. That level of service is something we thought was long-gone, but it lives on at EP&P."

Operation SunriseLAW